10 Difference Between Slay Queens And Prostitutes

10 Difference Between Slay Queens And Prostitutes

Today we will be discussing and looking at the Differences Between Slay Queens and Prostitutes.


One is a Private Sector while the Other is Public Sector

Place Of work

Prostitutes work in public while Slay Queens work in private

3 Prostitute sleeps with who ever have money, while Slay Queens only sleeps with the rich

4 Prostitutes Don’t Slay. you pay and get exactly the service you pay for. Unlike Slay queens

5 Prostitute always insist on the use of condoms, while Slay Queens don’t because they want to please their helpers

6 Slay Queens are the denial of prostitution, unlike prostitute who are proud of their job

7 Slay Queens are like Private Schools, very expensive while Prostitute are like Government School Very Affordable

8 Slay Queens advertise and sell their market on instagram, while Prostitute advertise and sell on the street

9 One is the Other, But the other is not one. Slay Queen is prostitution on the high level, while prostitutes are not slay queens

10 at the long run the Difference is same.

Mention one difference you know at the comment section.

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