4 Reason Your Vaginal Smells And How To Treat It

Vaginal Smells, Today we are going to be looking at five reasons the Vadina smells and how to treat it.

Naturally the vaginal has a very musty odor, which is normal due to the high level of PH., but the the odor is becoming embarrassing then it not normal.


Yes one reason fro Vaginal odor is diet some food can cause the virginal to smell, especially spicy food like Garlic, Curry, Onions, spices and coffee

Poor hygiene

This is one of the major cause some ladies are dirty, which is not good for them down their, you need to change cloths regularly especially your underwear’s, at least wear three pants a day.

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3 STD Sexual Transmitted Disease

4 Sweating

The sweat that occurs down there is not same with thats, that comes out from other part of the body. Apocrines Glands are responisble for the sweat production in vagina, which attreacts bacterias and cause bad smells.\

Here are ways to treat vigina odor

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Maintain a Fruity Diet

2 Use fragrance free wet wipes to clean your vulva

3 wash your vagina reguraly

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