5 Hotspots Where You’ll Find Sex Workers (Ashawo) In Lagos

  1. Allen Avenue

Allen Avenue is the headquarters of sex workers in Lagos. When you’re passing through Allen Avenue in Ikeja, you’ll see them littering the streets barely dressed up and trying to attract potential customers.

  1. Toyin Street

Toyin street is another popular hotspot for sex workers in Lagos. If you’re going home at night and you need someone to spend the night with, then Toyin street is definitely one of your best bet.

  1. Quilox

Quilox club is one of the most popular night clubs in Nigeria where some of the big ballers come to chill and have fun. You can always see two or more babes milling around the club, waiting for young and old men to approach them for business dealings.

  1. Penninsula

Another hotspot for sex workers in Lagos is Penninsula, which is located in Lekki. If you need high class babes to warm your bed for the night, then don’t waste any time at all; head over to penninsula.

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  1. Festac

Festac in Lagos is mostly populated by people from the south eastern part of Nigeria who are very notorious for their sexual prowess. You cannot move from one street to another in Festac without seeing a hotel that houses sex workers in Lagos.

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