5 Presidents In Nigeria History That Have Proven To Be Murderers

5 Presidents In Nigeria History That Have Proven To Be Murderers, Nigeria is one of the many countries in the world that has been unlucky to have unfortunate people as presidents of the country.

People who have no value for human life and have overseen the spill of the blood of their citizens without cause for remorse.

The list below contains past Nigeria’s Presidents that have ruled over bloodshed in the country.

1. Muhammadu Buhari: The current EndSARS protest has shown vividly that the current president of Nigeria has no regard for human life.

He had the opportunity to give a solution to what is being agitated for by protesters but for unknown reasons, decided to stop peaceful protests by ordering the army to shoot the unarmed young Nigerians who have been protesting peacefully.

The country is in disarray and many lives are being terminated by the reckless soldiers on the streets as well as police officers.

2. General Yakubu Gowon: This man is the youngest Nigerian ever to be head of state. He presided over Nigeria between 1966 and 1975 and was responsible for arguably the biggest event that has killed people in the history of Nigeria.

It was under Gowon’s regime that the civil war of 1967 started and it claimed hundreds of thousands of lives. The Biafra War ended in 1970 and till this day, Nigeria still feels the effect of the ruins it caused.

3. General Ibrahim Babangida: The June 12, 1993 riot in Nigeria came under the then head of state of the country after he declared that the 1993 presidential election be annulled following the victory of SDP candidate, Moshood Abiola. 

The election annulment caused an immediate uproar in the country as a riot ensued with many dying.

4. Goodluck Jonathan: Boko Haram killed thousands of people during Jonathan’s administration while the Niger Delta militants also killed many. 

The president was unable to find a solution to those killings and it continued till he was voted out of office.

5. General Sani Abacha: Although, there wasn’t known socio-political unrest in his regime he silenced a few influential people who went against his government.

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