Ex-BB Naija Housemates Hoping For Erica’s Downfall After The Show

The Season 5 BigBrother Naija Lockdown Edition just finished and it saw Laycon come out as the Grand winner, as Dorathy and Nengi had the 1st runner up and Second Runner up respectively.

Erica, who was also one of the housemates in the show, got disqualified from the show due to several reasons including disrespect to the House rules. Despite leaving the house with nothing, here are some of the other housemates who might not want her to attain greater heights than them even after the show.

1. Vee
Victoria Akinyele, popularly known as Vee was part of the finalist in the Lockdown Edition of the BBN Show. She’s most likely to top this list because she was Laycon’s ride or die in the house and developed a certain dislike for Erica because of how things turned out to be between them.

She also grew more of this dislike for Erica after she discovered that Erica encouraged Tolanibaj to go for the man she was with and everyone in the house knew about it. So until things turn out differently, Vee will most definitely have the negative feeling towards Erica.

2. Wathoni
Wathoni Anyansi, the “Alreadyyy” crooner is also another person on this list. she had a fair share of knuckleheads with Erica before she left the house. Most of these fights were because of Kidwaya and to crown her fights with Erica, it’ll be when Erica talked about her Son in a fight after she had mentioned categorically that she doesn’t play with her son. So definitely, she is another housemate.

3. Lucy
Lucy was another intriguing Ex-housemate of the BBNaija show who made it her strategy to have an issue with everyone in the house. Erica didn’t escape this, as Lucy always felt Erica never had a decision of her own except Kidwaya assisted her.

They had issues and even privately said that they wouldn’t want to be in a group together with Lucy. There has always been the underlying beef and even after Lucy was evicted, she disclosed that she might have triggered the outburst Erica had before getting Evicted. Clearly, she might not necessarily mean well for Erica.

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4. Praise
Praise is yet another interesting ex-housemate who stood by Laycon during the whole triangle he found himself in with Erica. Although he was always fighting (not physically) for Laycon to get his space away from Erica and for Kid to try and control Erica to avoid more contacts with Laycon.

But on several occasions, he got frustrated from the turn out of events. so there just might be a level of dislike from the whole occurrence within that triangle.

5. Prince
Prince was one of the very competitive ex-housemate in the Lockdown house. It so happened that Prince never believed that there would be a possibility that Kidwaya will end up in a romantic relationship with Erica.

He told Erica to her face that her situation with Kidwaya was just pure infatuation and one of them will most definitely get hurt at the end. That being said, we can only wonder why Prince has such a notion and how Erica sees him as well.

6. Laycon:
Laycon, who emerged as the winner of the Season 5 Lockdown edition of the BBnaija show, and whose situations with Erica remains one of the biggest highlights of the show, might be on this list.

He always claimed that there isn’t any bad blood between himself and Erica and he also felt bad after she was disqualified, but as a human being, he might probably feel some type of way after seeing videos of Erica wish death threats upon him, body shaming him and also claiming his existence and relevance in the house was because of her.

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