Ja Rule “FYRE” Rapper Talks About The FYRE Festival Incident

Ja Rule Fyre, Rapper Uses Single To Address His Infamous Fyre Festival Fiasco.

Ja Rule Fyre, rapper uses song to air how he feels concerning the Infamous Fyre Festival Fiasco in New York. And years past years after the incident, rule thinks it time for him to tell his part of his story, of what really happened. The hit maker of Always On Time and Mesmerize. Both he featured Ashanti, was slam with a $100 million USD lawsuit for the notorious Fyre Festival.

Lucky on his side the rapper was cleared off the suit. The rapper who was highly part of the inception of the festival, received a whole lot of backlash for his affiliation with the festival, Ja Rule decide to use this single FYRE which the titled is an acronym for “For Your Real Entertainment”, to address the negative accusations leveled against him.

Lil Wayne – Sleepless [Prod. BY Drew Fulk]

even though the first FYRE Festival was a failure,JR is still putting hands on decks for another iconic festival. Because of the he released this single real quick to address a lot of issues. Because the rapper is trying to let his fan base know his stands about the  fraudulent luxury music festival founded by Billy McFarland, CEO of Fyre Media Inc, and him self.

Quotable Lyrics:

Hotter than the sun
But it wasn’t that
How ’bout a show of hands if you got your money back!
I’m just playing, I got a suit for that
$100 mil to be exact

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