Lil Wayne – Sleepless [Prod. BY Drew Fulk]

Lil Wayne
Genre Hip Hop

Lil wayne Sleepless, Rapper Back With With Story Telling Rap.

lil wayne sleepless isone hell of a track we ain’t gonna sleep on. wezzy who over the past many years has been consistence in the game is here again with another wonderful single he called sleepless. One this year’s edition of Ethika’s RGB3 tape, following “Vizine” from last year’s edition, Complex has premiered a brand new song sleepless from Weezy F.

Stormzy – One Second Feat. H.E.R.

The  American rapper, singer, songwriter, record executive, entrepreneur and actor, didn’t let his fans down on this one. with a sick instrumental from WZRD BLD, lil wayne gat no option that to pour his prowess lyrics on it.

Quotable Lyrics

Demonic, exotic; exotic, demonic
I pop oxycodone like antibiotic
Textin my phone, right now I’m on molly
It got me perspirin’ like I’m in Somalia
I should be more careful, right now I be wildin’
I could be more helpful, could not be more stylish
She could be my devil, she might be my goddess
It could be Satanic, it might be platonic
I tip my hat to her, she’d rather dollars
I drip a bath for her, she’d rather shower
She turned her back on me, I just massage her
Knew we were a match; didn’t know we started fires
A bird is a plane? If it is, it’s a private
Swerve in the lane, she either hittin’ or dodgin’
Meet me at the crossroads, I’m in the middle of rush hour
I’m the end of the road, Boyz II Men don’t die

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