Men: Increase Stamina with Kola Nut, Tom Tom or Mentos

Men Increase You Bed Lasting Time With This Mixture

Kola Nut’s Health Benefits are sometimes ignored for those of the bitter Kola and most times people fail to realize its uses.

What if I told you the Kola Nut is even stronger than the bitter Kola when it comes to making you that man of the hour and the moment.

Just with a little bit of the Kola Nut also known as native Kola and you’d be in control of your special moment, wondering when you’d stop.

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It’s simple all you need to do is get:

1 kola nut

1 Tom Tom

Now listen carefully because if you misuse the dosage it might not work for you at the right time

Dosage :

Take the KolaNut to divide it and chew just a half of it, lick your Tom Tom /mentos without taking water and you’re good to go.

Remember these should be done 30 minutes before the main action.

Don’t thank me now but after you’ve tried it. Surely your madam will stick with you.

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Don’t take hard drugs these natural supplements are more than enough and won’t cause any adverse side effects.

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