Ransom – Pride

Download mp3 Ransom Pride, Ransom Lays His “Pride” Down No pride, no glory.


Ransom Pride

  • SONG NAME – Pride
  • ARTIST NAME – Rabsom
  • GENRE – Hip Hop
  • LABEL – 

On January 15, the Griselda and the Black Soprano Family will be dropping their highly anticipated film Conflicted. Along with the film comes the soundtrack, also handled by Griselda.

The soundtrack is a piece of art, much like most projects that come out of that camp. However, nothing really stands out the way “Pride” does. The soulful instrumental paired with Ransom’s lyrically laden bars make for an amazing single.

 A regal sample that features what sounds like a Marvin Gaye rings in the back as heartfelt horns make you feel some type of way. The beat is just gorgeous, and we’d love to have this instrumental on streaming services as well.

“Pride” finds Ransom flexing his lyrical skill, dropping rhyme after rhyme in a dizzying fashion. This is a single that is on repeat heavy over here. 

Quotable Lyrics
I’m Dr. Sebi mixed with Machiavelli, Pac and Reggie
Noble soldiers, behold a flow as vulgar as Akinyele’s (Put it in your mouth)
I’m like the Lakers when the drop confetti (Word)
A tripod to keep the chopper steady whenever the stock is heavy
Berettas and Koch-a semis (Br-r-ra)
Whenever rain appear (Yeah)
A man’ll always be judged on how he handles fear (Facts)


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