Top 3 Advantages Of Sleeping With A Prostitute

anything that have Disadvantages must surely have advantages. So today we will be looking at the Top 3 advantages of sleeping with a prostitute.

Maximum Pleasure And Fun

One of the advantages of sleeping with a prostitute is maximum pleasure, you get what you pay for. most of our girlfriends or wife can’t give us the style we need. like may blow jobs or Monkey style. if you ask them they will tell you is not religious, Bae are you ok? you fornicating is it religious. but with a prostitute, you get to do all the Jumbo Humbo you want. The Spider style, Kangaroo style and Etc.

Safe Than Thought

It has been made to believe that sleeping with a prostitute is not safe. I stand to tell you today that that is a big lie. in standard brothel, this ladies are subject to daily or weekly check up, if any is infect she will be sent packing out of the brothel. And they also insist on condoms. Bro! does you girls always ask you to use protection, and remember you are not her only sex partner. so you see this ladies are neat, very neat and they take care of themselves properly.

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NO Trouble Afterwards

You know that moment when you meet a girl you, all you need is a one night collabo, then after that night she startv calling your cellie all year long cause maybe she liked they way you handle her, and she wants more, but you are okay with her. or she called after Five weeks and said Boy!, you are going to be a father soon.

This is were prostitute don slack, no matter how good you are, they never have emotions business is business, and after you guys are done with business they take care of themselves by themselves. you got no need to worry about incoming babies like a missile fired by Russia.

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