Video: Kiddwaya You Are Empty, Nothing Without Erica – Popular Nollywood Actor Blast Kidd

Stay with Erica if you want to be relevant, She made you famous – Uche Maduagwu advises Kiddwaya

Outspoken Nollywood actor and entertainment critic, Uche Maduagwu has advised Kiddwaya to humble himself to Erica if he wants to stay relevant in the entertainment industry.

According to the actor, the Queen of the Elites is the reason Kiddwaya has been accepted into the Nigerian entertainment industry and also gained fame worldwide.

He said this after information about their breakup hit the internet.

Kiddwaya, pride goes before a fall spiritually without #erica, you are just a rich mans child, #stargirl gave you the fame you now enjoy because she is the content and you are just the komkom, so empty without #elite support on #instagram and twitter so why not humble your muscular ego? Erica does not need you, her sacrifice kept you longer in #bbnaija5 or do you think it was your fathers money that did it?If you want to stay relevant hold erica wrapper tightly like mercy chewing gum ex boyfriend did.

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