Young Thug “Hop Off A Jet” Rapper Featured Travis Scott

Hop Off A Jet
Young Thug
Genre Trap

Young Thug Hop Off A Jet Featuing Travis Scott, Rapper real Hop Off A Jet On This Track.

Young Thug Hop Off A Jet Featuring Travis Scott, while were sleeping, rapper Thug was busy planning a surprise for his fans when they wakes up. At midnight of Friday the rapper dropped the deluxe version of his chart-topping album So Much Fun. And the deluxe version contained Five additional tracks, among them is Hop Off A Jet.

Young Thug is one trapper who is know for rapping about his lifestyle. And Hop Off A Jet, ain’t different as the song saw the two rappers talks about there life style. The two are know to be frequent collaborators Young Thug and Travis Scott. And just like the titled the rappers talks about there private jet life’s, expensive cars and flashy jewelries.

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Quotable Lyrics

Hop, hop right on a jet, uh (Yeah)
Way more smoother than a plane, yeah
Way more quicker than a ‘Vette, uh (Yeah)
Teach you how to flex, pick a chain, yeah (Hop off a jet)
Bad bitch out of Marquette (Woo)
Took her out of school for the brain, yeah
She came around with the set
Nah, really ain’t no savin’ (Hop on the jet)
Gotta keep her mind on deck

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